RFID Asset Tracking Mobile Scanner

RFID Asset Tracking Mobile Scanner
Basic Inventory Kit

Portable RFID Asset Tracking
The RFID-Barcode Tracking Kit is a portable mobile RFID reader for scanning RFID tags. Use it for asset tracking, people tracking and item tracking. It's very customizable and configurable for reading and writing RFID tags and barcodes. It can read RFID tags from distances up to 20' depending on the tag.

Part#: 70RF-ID

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Price: $3,495.00

Additional Information

RFID Reader
Get mobile with the new RFID-Barcode Tracking Kit (RFID-BC Tracker). Track anything using RFID Tags and barcodes. Because it's portable, it's easy to move from location to location to take an inventory.

You can setup the unit to capture a Login User ID, Location, RFID and Barcodes. It can also encode RFID tags as well. This highly versatile system allows you to save the collected data in a variety of formats and send the data via USB, Ethernet, WIFI or Direct Cable Connection. Whether you want to collect one field or many fields, RFID-BC Tracker by MSS Software makes the task simple and easy.


  • Captures Barcodes and RFID Tags
  • Turn on/off several fields such as Login, Location, Date/Time Stamp
  • Set Min and Max for each capture field
  • Save data as Tab Delimited, Space Delimited, Comma Delimited, and others
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Write to RFID tags
  • Transfer data via Direct Cable Connection, WIFI, Ethernet or USB
  • Review/Delete Transactions is configurable

RFID-BC Tracker is available now for shipping.  Price is $3495 and includes the CN70RFID unit as well as accessories such as Dock, Power Supplies and Cables. This system can be used to track assets, unique numbers such as serial numbers, and even people. Because it can be configured to collect the fields you want, it is highly adaptable to many situations.

CN70 RFID Reader

Intermec's CN70 RFID mobile computer provides everything required by the most demanding environments; a rugged design, next generation processor technologies, and state-of-the-art battery health diagnostics to provide years of reliable service. The RFID reading and writing capability is integrated within the unit providing a truly advanced piece of technology.

It is ultra-rugged to achieve supply chain agility, and is ideal for field mobility environments due to its premium industrial grade materials that balance ruggedness, duty cycle and ergonomics. The advanced imaging features of the CN70/CN70e eliminate costly delays that could occur because of damaged barcodes or poor lighting. The high performance motion tolerant 2D imager allows for effective barcode scanning in low light scanning environments, unmatched motion tolerance and laser aiming for speed.

RFID Tag Scanning for CN70

Screen Shot of CN70 polling RFID Tags

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