Barcode Package Delivery Software
Barcode Package Delivery Software

Save Time Finding Proof of Delivery
Pick up and deliver packages or equipment with a barcode Proof of Delivery system (POD). This simple barcode application allows you to collect delivery information, such as location, PO, Memos and signature for reports or queries. Item barcodes can be scanned and each record is date and time stamped so that delivery records can be searched by date, time, signer, PO, delivery person, etc. Proof of delivery can be emailed to interested parties showing the necessary information.

Part#: POD-100

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How it works
MSS Software developed Proof of Delivery (POD) to provide management with an easy way of looking up deliveries and providing proof that a delivery was made. The procedure is simple:

  1. Delivery person logs into the mobile device.
  2. Enter location for delivery. (PO or Memo can also be recorded)
  3. Scan each barcode that is being delivered to this person or location.
  4. Recipients either sign and/or a name is entered for the item.
  5. At the end of the day, data is transferred to the database for reports or queries of deliveries.

POD consists of a mobile barcode reader to collect the necessary data and a desktop SQL database application where this data is transferred into. This database serves as the repository of all delivery records and is used for reports and queries. Proof of Delivery provides:

  • Simple data collection application with signature capture.
  • Easy to use and efficient.
  • Email proof of delivery records to interested parties.

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