Selecting the Right Barcode Reader

MSS Software's line of portable barcode readers ranges from simple, inexpensive handheld scanners to complex computer data entry systems. Our goal is to match the right barcode reader to your specific needs. We have the wireless barcode reader, sometimes called the mobile handheld or portable barcode reader. We also carry barcode scanners and all types of handheld scanners. Browse the categories of bar code readers below, or call us today at 800-428-8643 to learn more about our barcode reader products. We also offer barcode rentals with a wide variety of mobile computers and portable barcode readers available by the week or month.

By Type
Entry Level
Entry Level Barcode Readers
These barcode readers are economical units that are used for general scanning purposes. They are often used for barcoding inventory, attendance or assets.
Industrial Barcode Readers
These units are most often used for medium to high volume scanning in industrial environments. They can be deployed in manufacturing or other heavy use arenas.
Specialty Barcode Readers
These barcode readers are used in rugged, hazardous environments where combustible and flammable materials commonly exist.

Rugged Tablets
Rugged Tablets
Rugged tablets designed for data collection, data entry, PDF viewing, GPS tracking, and more.

By Manufacturer
Datalogic Barcode Readers
Datalogic's product line offers solutions for every mobile application. Their barcode readers are rugged, mobile units well suited for manufacturing and field operations.
Honeywell Barcode Readers
Honeywell is an industry leader in barcode scanning, mobile computing, global tracking, and other data collection scanning technologies.

Zebra Barcode Readers
Zebra’s innovative mobile devices have increased efficiency, sales and profitability in many of the world’s largest field service and delivery operations.
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