Time and Attendance Tracking Solutions

Time Tracking Software
Companies, agencies and organizations need to track attendance so that they can utilize the information to accurately reward, pay or enhance their employees, students or attendees performance within the organization. Automation is the key to greater productivity tracking. The old fashioned method of using time sheets and time clocks has been replaced by tracking devices such as smart cards, ID cards with barcodes and biometrics. These proven technologies have eliminated time recording errors and greatly increased the processing time for attendance.
So whether you are trying to manage a workforce of hundreds or even thousands of employees or simply trying to track the attendance of participants at a convention, using an automated data collection system along with a time tracking software will allow you to focus on bottlenecks and successful areas where you can manage people better. Data can be transferred automatically to other systems such as payroll, marketing or financial systems so that human intervention is reduced or eliminated. Time management tools such as these lead to greater accuracy and productivity.
Tracking Solutions
MSS Software has a variety of attendance tracking solutions using barcode scanners to automatically track all your people, attendees or students at events, seminars and conferences. With our Time and Attendence software, you can scan the badges of attendees and automate the in and out process for any event and session. We also offer bluetooth scanners and other mobile devices for rent so you can easily manage your event. Just give us a call at 1-800-428-8643 to discuss your attendance tracking needs

Attendance Tracking

Time and Attendance System for Seminars, Events, and Conferences.

Scan and Track Attendees at Events, Seminars, Meetings and more!
Attendance Tracker Pro (ATP) is a simple cloud-based system used to automatically keep track of attendance using barcodes. This web-based software can determine the attendance of attendees at seminars, conferences and meetings and also assign credits if necessary. This system uses simple barcode scanners to easily scan barcoded badges and keep track of attendees as they attend sessions or classes. It can also be used for lead retrieval at trade shows

Part#: ATP-101
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Visitor Management System

An ideal way to track guest and employees in and out of a business, school or hospital. As easy as scanning a barcode.

Part#: AMS-101
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Ticket Scanning

Barcode Ticket Scanning Solutions
We have high speed ticket scanners that will scan 1D or 2D barcodes such as QR Code. We also have a complete cloud-based ticket scanning solution which allows you to quickly and easily scan tickets or badges for validity at events, venues or shows. With this solution you can instantly determine if the ticket is valid, a duplicate or previously scanned. Scanned ticket data can be used to create reports or exports of the event results. Call for purchase or rental.

Part#: TCR-101
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