The white papers on this page provide extensive technical and marketing details about a variety of Barcode solution topics.

Are Smart Phones Smart Enough?

Are Smartphone Smart Enough for warehouse environments? This white paper examines the use of smartphones in a warehouse environment where scanning barcodes and entering data in a hostile set of conditions can make or break the purpose for using these devices.

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Choosing a Barcode Attendance System

Attendance tracking at conferences, seminars and trade shows can be a complex, overwhelming task for staff and managers. If done manually, the process can be laborious and fraught with errors. Automated systems are now available to ease this process, however, they can be complex and expensive. Barcoding, an automated identification technology, stands out as a simple and economical solution. The use of barcoded badges to identify attendees and barcode scanners to capture the data makes accurate attendance tracking feasible and reliable for any organization

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Benefits of RFID - Raido Frequency Identification

RFID and Realizing the Benefits from it. This white paper examines the use of RFID from tracking assets to improving traceability.

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Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Primer. This paper on Bluetooth technology describes how bluetooth is used in various operations with electronic devices and gives great information on how the technology works.

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5 Reasons Why a Barcode Check In Check Out System is Right for You

This white paper examines 5 reasons why someone would use a barcode check in and check out system.

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Smartphone scanning vs Barcode scanning

Smartphones are exploding with power.  Between  the Google Play  Store and  Apple App Store there are 4.2 million smartphone apps.  These apps range from measuring heart rate to controlling your vehicle.

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