5 Reasons Why a Barcode Check In Check Out System is Right for You

When people look for a Check In Check Out System, they could be searching for a number of different things. It could be that they are trying to check people in and out of sessions, or it could be to check materials or tools in and out of a storeroom. The thing that both of these have in common is that the process of checking in and checking out are the same. For this topic, we will discuss the use of Barcode technology to be used for the check in and out process.

Barcode Check in Check-out

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Check In Check Out”? Books at a library? Borrowing tools? Getting credits for attending classes? Yes, these all have a similar process. And all of them can take advantage of barcode’s capability for accuracy, simplicity, accountability and time savings.

By using barcode technology (scanners, barcode ID’s ad barcode software), companies and institutions can reap benefits in their use. By assigning simple unique barcodes to items or to ID cards, the process of checking people of things in or out makes the process simple and accurate. When it comes to checking out tools or materials, responsibility can be assigned. In the case of tools, If an item has been misused, the responsible party is always known.

Aside from assets or tools, many companies and institutions now use barcodes to know where their employees are or what sessions they’ve attended. And in case of an emergency or fire, wouldn’t you want to know who is still in the building?

A barcode scanner installed with attendance software is a powerful application to keep track of people. It simplifies the check in process, removes human error and save time and frustration for whomever you are tracking.

Here are some top scenarios where check in check out shines:

1. Schools or Daycare
Daycare to higher education - volunteers, visitors, students, faculty, staff and substitutes can all benefit from using barcode ID badges.  It’s important that attendance is accurate in order to assign credits properly. For some daycare organizations, it is essential to be sure of check in and check out times.  It is also good to know in case of an emergency.

2. Companies
Many companies have various training sessions to educate their employees on procedures or rules. It’s important to know if these employees are proficient in these methods or procedures. Using a check in check out system for classes like this allow companies to keep their employees well trained. It’s important and in many cases required that attendance be taken to be sure each employee gets the proper training. Using barcode check in check out systems keep the process easy and effortless.

3. Tool Tracking
Just like a library that uses barcode technology to check books out to patron’s and then to check them back in when the customer is finished, tool tracking uses a similar procedure. Assets or tools are assigned unique barcodes and users also have unique ID badges so that tools are accounted for when check out. Tools, file folders, and supplies can all be assigned to individuals or cost centers using this technology and an accurate accounting can accrue from this.

4. Construction Site
Weather you are trying to keep track of your people or your tools a barcode check in and out system will help you with this process. Construction sites benefit for this by accounting for people and equipment. Time and materials must be tracked or lost revenues can occur. Barcode technology will increase your payback in a short amount of time as you gain more control over your expenses.

5. Conference
Most people are used to attending conferences and getting a badge with their name on it. However, in order for the conference to gain full advantage of the sessions, classes or training seminars they provide, using barcode technology will allow them to gain better insight into their activities. By assigning unique barcode ID’s to the attendees, their training or attendance can be monitored and credit or points can be awarded to these individuals.

MSS Software Offers Barcode Check In Check Out Systems

We offer Check In and Out systems that make it easy to scan badges and assign responsibility for assets, training, or attendance. These systems use unique barcode software and hardware tools that are easy to use and implement. For more information, please visit us at: or give us a call at 800.428.8643.


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