5 Reasons Why a Barcode Check In Check Out System is Right for You

5 Reasons Why a Barcode Check In Check Out System is Right for You

Often when people hear “barcode”, they think of their local grocery store, events, travel, movies, warehouse inventory and even as a body tatoo.

Barcode Check in Check-out

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you here “Check In Check Out”? Books at a library? Documents on Sharepoint? Borrowing tools? Rental Applications? Yes they can all take advantage of a barcode’s accuracy, simplicity, efficiency and accountability. They each would have a unique barcode label to scan their availability. This also signals if an item has been misused since you always know the last person who used it. You can report on the age of an old item and purchase a new one if necessary.

Aside from assets, many companies and schools now use barcodes to know where their employees/students are. Monitoring people is important when you have a large number of individuals to need to keep track of. Do you know where your employees, students, tour group members, visitors are at any moment? In case of a fire, wouldn’t you want to know who is still in the building?

A barcode scanner installed with attendance software is a powerful application to keep track of people. It simplifies the check in process, removes human error and save time and frustration for whomever you are tracking.

Here are some top scenarios where check in check out shines.

  1. Schools
    Daycare to higher education - volunteers, visitors, students, faculty, staff and substitutes can all benefit from being barcode scanned.  It’s important during the day and at after hour events to make sure the attendees are supposed to be there.  Good to know in case of an emergency.
  2. Companies
    Time in and out.  Know where your employees are.  This is especially helpful when there are multiple buildings on the campus.
  3. Asset Tracking
    Based on assets with changing users:  tools, file folders, rental or library items You want to know who has the item.
  4. Construction site
    Employees and contractors
  5. Clienteling
    Is a technique used by retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchases.   Retailers across the country are turning to neat, lightweight handheld devices that scan barcodes and images and offer vital clienteling information like product suggestions and inventory stats. Handhelds with advanced scanning tech are also facilitating buy-online-pay-in-store transactions and allowing sales associates to perform inventory duties quickly and effectively when not working with customers.
MSS-Software offers The Check In Check Out Kit.

This kit is an attendance tracking application designed to monitor people in and out of locations, buildings, secure areas, etc. by simply scanning their barcoded badge using a mobile barcode reader. Displays people missing as well as checked in.


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