About Us

MSS Software provides barcode equipment and software to make data collection quick and effective, saving the customer both time and money. We excel at being "match makers" and helping customers find the right equipment to match their needs. We specialize in individual attention and support.

MSS Software offers user-friendly barcode kits, user manuals, and easy-to-order products. Our slogan, "The right way to barcode", says it all. If we don't have the software you need, we can create it. MSS Software has been in business since 1984, and we have solved many different types of data collection problems for all types of customers. Give us a call today for a free consultation on your barcoding needs at 1-800-428-8643.

Our History

MSS Software, a division of Manufacturing System Services, was founded in 1984 in Pennsylvania by three software developers who specialized in applications for the barcode industry. The company continues to work hand-in-hand with many of the major barcode manufacturers. Over the years we have dealt with just about any type of data collection problem you can imagine. Our customers have ranged from large government and commercial organizations to small businesses. In 2003 MSS Software moved to Fairfax, Virginia to be near our nation's capital where one of our focal points is on Federal Government applications. We are incorporated in the state of Virginia and located in the City of Fairfax.

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