Barcode Basics

Barcoding has revolutionized the way we do business. It has made collection of data easier, faster, and more accurate. However, barcodes must be used with the right equipment and software to improve performance and productivity. MSS Software can help you determine "the right way to barcode." Our expert sales and technical staff has worked with thousands of customers—from small businesses to major corporations and government entities.

Barcode Solutions

Here are some questions we can help you with when looking for a barcode solution.

1. Define Your Needs

• What data do you want to capture?
• What will you do with the data after you collect it?
• Are you printing your own labels or using pre-existing ones?

2. Hardware

• How sturdy do your barcode readers need to be? Is this for industrial use, warehousing, retail, etc.?
• How do you want to capture the data? Mobile, stationary, wireless units?
• From what distance will you be scanning the barcode? What density is the barcode you want to read?

3. Software

• Will pre-packaged software meet your needs, or do you need a custom solution?
• Do you just need software for the reader, or do you use terminal emulation?
• Will your host system have to interact with the barcode scanners directly or indirectly?

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