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Barcode Fixed Asset Tracking Solutions


Barcode Fixed Asset Tracking Solutions

We offer simple-to-use fixed asset tracking solutions and mobile barcode scanners for assets management. With MSS, using a simple asset tracker device to do audits will make manual financial spreadsheets a thing of the past. Our asset tracking kits come in several packages from excel-based or Wasp barcode software to cloud-based mobile asset tracking systems. Give us a call at 1-800-428-8643 to see a demo today!

123 Asset-Tracking

Excel-Based Asset Tracking
Our 123 Asset Tracking Kit rapidly tracks all your asset details in familiar Excel spreadsheets, including audit date and time, locations and status of equipment. Using a CipherLab 8000 barcode scanner to scan the Asset Labels, you quickly eliminate errors and can account for your assets.

Part#: ATK-123
Price: $1,695.00


RFID Asset Tracking Mobile Scanner

Portable RFID Asset Tracking
The RFID-Barcode Tracking Kit is a portable mobile RFID reader for scanning RFID tags. Use it for asset tracking, people tracking and item tracking. It's very customizable and configurable for reading and writing RFID tags and barcodes. It can read RFID tags from distances up to 20' depending on the tag.

Part#: 70RF-ID
Price: $3,495.00


Fixed Asset Inventory - Redbeam

Barcode Asset Inventory
Fixed Asset Inventory Tracker streamlines the periodic inventory of assets by allowing you to input data about the asset including asset number, location, description, depreciation, and warranty information.

Part#: RED-KIT
Price: Please Call For Pricing


Wasp Mobile Asset Tracking

Complete Asset Management Kit
Track your valuable assets with Wasp MobileAsset. Capture important information about each asset, such as location, check-in/check-out, transactional history, and due-date/due-time. This complete kit includes the Wasp HCI mobile computer, the WPL305 desktop barcode printer, MobileAsset software, and sample media supplies. 

Part#: WMA-101
Price: $2,495.00


Maximo Mobile Asset Management

Managing assets within Maximo has never been easier using Asset-Max. This mobile system was designed specifically to extend the reach of Maximo by providing the ability to accurately and rapidly manage an organization’s assets.

Part#: MAX-100
Price: Please Call For Pricing

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