123 Asset-Tracking
123 Asset-Tracking

Excel-Based Asset Tracking
Our 123 Asset Tracking Kit rapidly tracks all your asset details in familiar Excel spreadsheets, including audit date and time, locations and status of equipment. Using a CipherLab 8000 barcode scanner to scan the Asset Labels, you quickly eliminate errors and can account for your assets.

Part#: ATK-123

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Price: $1,695.00

Additional Information

Barcode Asset Tracking
Each asset is tagged with a barcode label and each location is given a name, such as R215 or H82. The auditor goes to each location, then enters the location on the barcode reader. Next, the auditor simply scans the barcode on the asset, and enters the status of the equipement. The auditor continues to scan assets (and conditions of assets) until completed with that location. The auditor then goes to the next location and repeats the process. All data is automatically stored in the barcode reader and can be transferred into the user's PC at any time for updating the Master Excel spreadsheet for review. The user now has a complete updated list of the company's assets.


  • Excel-Based Barcode Asset Tracking
  • A portable barcode reader for doing regular audits
  • Asset Program Software that will allow you to create an updated master spreadsheet with the most recent results of your audit
  • Uility Software that makes it easy to transfer the barcode data to your PC
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