Custom Barcode Solutions
Your App. Our Expertise. Save Time and Money

MSS Software builds mobile applications quickly and easily using visual and prebuilt functions that drastically simplify, streamline and shorten the development process. The result: Save Time and Money.

Reduced Burden on IT Staff

Your team is focused on other projects and may not have the bandwidth to take on a major new project. We can augment their capabilities by working alongside them to develop the app to your specifications, develop it quickly, and train them how to support it long-term so you can be independent and make updates to your app without ongoing expenses.

Multi-Platform Support: Android, iOS, and Windows

You want to introduce newer technology platforms such as the newest Android devices in your business without having to do a complete and costly replacement of all your devices. That’s where MSS Software fits in. We can design and develop a multi-platform mobile application that supports today’s newest devices with Android and Apple iOS as well as legacy devices with Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Example: You have Intermec CK3 Scanners with the Windows Operating System and you want to buy the latest model from Honeywell with the Android operating system. We can develop an app that works on both devices. Design once and deploy on many devices.

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