Other Barcode Solutions

Other Barcode Solutions

We offer many other barcode solutions including Barcode Package Delivery software for tracking deliveries, Barcode Inspection software for tracking inspections and RFID Tracking software for Tracking Assets. In addition, our Barcode Kitting Scanner kit allows you to easily keep track of the number of parts in each kit. Call us at 1-800-428-8643 for more info.

Barcode Inspection System

Perform Fire Extinguisher Inspections Quickly and Accurately

Inspector is a web-based inspection software system that fits almost any inspection need. Use it to inspect fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, eyewash stations, and other equipment that requires regular inspections to meet your requirements.

It's cloud-based so you can conduct your inspections at remote locations anywhere there is a need. Users at multiple locations can simultaneously use their mobile device to perform their inspections as needed. Queries and reports can be generated for field review.

Inspector can use mobile Barcode and RFID readers to conduct fast and accurate inspections. You can track your assets by location, equipment type, serial numbers, asset conditions and the date of the inspection as well as see a history of inspections for any asset.

Part#: BIK-802
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Barcode Package Delivery Software

Package Tracking Software

Package tracking software, sometimes also referred to as or delivery tracking software, is used in mailrooms to manage and track packages and deliveries to individuals, buildings, offices, and rooms of their intended recipient. This package tracking software allows employees to receive packages and have the delivery person capture information about the date and time of the package delivery as well as who received the package. In many instances, signatures can be captured to prove that the package was delivered and that there is accountability in the delivery system.
This system is for in-house package delivery and is not intended for courier or supply chain management. It is not intended to replace logistics operations in warehousing or distribution.

Part#: POD-100
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Android USB Communicator

Transfer Data from Android Devices using USB

This is a USB cabled connection program that runs on a PC and interfaces with Android devices. It is a secure data transfer method that can be used on a PC to transfer data to and from the devices.

Android USB Communicator is most helpful in automatically sending lookup files to the devices and in syncing the data collected to a PC. This way, for example, an inventory can be conducted on an Android scanner which can "lookup" Locations, Item Numbers, SKU’s, Descriptions and other data through a lookup table on the device.

This communications tool is used in association with MSS Software's Android app development to provide you with a complete data collection solution.

Part#: USB-COM
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