Other Barcode Solutions

Other Barcode Solutions

We offer many other barcode solutions including Barcode Package Delivery software for tracking deliveries, Barcode Inspection software for tracking inspections and RFID Tracking software for Tracking Assets. In addition, our Barcode Kitting Scanner kit allows you to easily keep track of the number of parts in each kit. Call us at 1-800-428-8643 for more info.

Barcode Inspection System

Perform Fire Extinguisher Inspections Quickly and Accurately

Inspector is a web-based inspection software system that fits almost any inspection need. Use it to inspect fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, eyewash stations, and other equipment that requires regular inspections to meet your requirements.

It's cloud-based so you can conduct your inspections at remote locations anywhere there is a need. Users at multiple locations can simultaneously use their mobile device to perform their inspections as needed. Queries and reports can be generated for field review.

Inspector can use mobile Barcode and RFID readers to conduct fast and accurate inspections. You can track your assets by location, equipment type, serial numbers, asset conditions and the date of the inspection as well as see a history of inspections for any asset.

Part#: BIK-802
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Scan Compare Application

Scan-Compare Application
Scan-Compare allows you to verify that you have "Matching" barcodes. You simply scan one barcode then scan another to compare and make sure they match. It's a simple process that uses a small barcode reader to scan. The 1st barcode is scanned, then the 2nd barcode is scanned. If there is a match then you will get a "Match" response, with both visual and audio feedback. If they don't match, you will get a "No Match" visual and audio signal. Use it for Quality Control, Orders, Packing, Shipping and Pharma Meds Verification. Scan-Compare is available for $495.

Part#: SCA-100
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Barcode Package Delivery Software

Save Time Finding Proof of Delivery
Pick up and deliver packages or equipment with a barcode Proof of Delivery system (POD). This simple barcode application allows you to collect delivery information, such as location, PO, Memos and signature for reports or queries. Item barcodes can be scanned and each record is date and time stamped so that delivery records can be searched by date, time, signer, PO, delivery person, etc. Proof of delivery can be emailed to interested parties showing the necessary information.

Part#: POD-100
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Kitting Scanner

Verify Kit Parts
Do you need to verify that each kit contains only so many parts?  Want to scan each part before it goes in the bag?  Want only the correct count in the each kit?  Kitting Scanner is the way to go.  Just scan each part as it goes in the kit and when you reach the target count, you'll see it on the screen.  Click to reset and start the process over again for the next bag or box.

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Labor Reporting Software (Works in Process)

Does your manufacturing or ERP software provide enough information to give you a clear idea of what is being done on the manufacturing floor? Our Labor Reporting software framework can be customized to allow you to determine how smoothly things are going in production and where the sore points are. And we streamline that process using barcoding and real time integration so that you are running smoothly and error-free.

Part#: MPS-100
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