Other Barcode Solutions

Other Barcode Solutions

We offer many other barcode solutions including Barcode Package Delivery software for tracking deliveries, Barcode Inspection software for tracking inspections and RFID Tracking software for Tracking Assets. In addition, our Barcode Kitting Scanner kit allows you to easily keep track of the number of parts in each kit. Call us at 1-800-428-8643 for more info.

Barcode Package Delivery Software

Package Tracking Software

Package tracking software, sometimes also referred to as or delivery tracking software, is used in mailrooms to manage and track packages and deliveries to individuals, buildings, offices, and rooms of their intended recipient. This package tracking software allows employees to receive packages and have the delivery person capture information about the date and time of the package delivery as well as who received the package. In many instances, signatures can be captured to prove that the package was delivered and that there is accountability in the delivery system.
This system is for in-house package delivery and is not intended for courier or supply chain management. It is not intended to replace logistics operations in warehousing or distribution.

Part#: POD-100
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Android USB Communicator

Use Android Devices in Secure Environments

USB Communicator is a Windows PC application designed to manage data on your Android devices where network connectivity is not possible such as in a secured environment when a Wi-Fi network connection is not permissible.  When used in conjunction with a mobile app on your scanner designed by MSS Software, USB Communicator facilitates file uploads and downloads.

File Downloads
Scanned data can be download from the scanner easily with USB Communicator.  Users simply need to place their scanner in its dock and use USB Communicator to download those files to be reviewed later or imported into another enterprise application.

File Uploads

Complex mobile apps on your scanner may need lookup files to know the difference between a valid and invalid item in your inventory.  USB Communicator makes it easy to transfer a file with valid records to your scanner to enable your app with lookup data.  For example, , an inventory can be conducted on an Android scanner which can "lookup" Locations, Item Numbers, SKU’s, Descriptions and other data through a lookup table on the device.  Without the lookup file, the scanner will accept any scanned input without the ability to validate the item, location, etc.

Part#: USB-COM
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