Inventory Control for QuickBooks Point of Sale
Inventory Control for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Inventory Barcode Scanner

Scan Your Inventory Quickly
This barcode reader is inventory ready right out of the box! This pocket-sized mobile computer puts fast, accurate barcode scanning in your hands to accelerate inventory management, product ordering, and other activities. Data can be uploaded to a text or Excel file format though the USB dock.

Part#: IK-101

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Light-weight Inventory Barcode Scanner
Scan and batch upload in fast, easy steps to speed up inventory management and product ordering. Streamline many operations, like audits or counts. The Cipher Inventory Barcode Scanners are small and light enough to keep with you all day long, inconspicuously tucked out of the way in a pocket, yet ready to go to work in an instant. They operate using convenient, replaceable AAA batteries and are available with either CCD or laser scanner engines.

Works with QuickBooks
MSS Software's Cipher Inventory Scanner is great for automating most inventories and works with QuickBooks’s POS inventory software as well. Just point the inventory scanner at your part number and scan the barcode, then enter the quantity. Its scanner engine allows you to scan even the most difficult or badly damaged barcodes. Start using as soon as you get it. We've included an inventory software program that allows you to collect data right out of the box. Or, if you prefer, we have many other barcode data collection programs as well, that can be loaded for a minimal cost.

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  • Easy to install, lightweight, and cost-effective
  • Runs on two AAA batteries – for over 100 continuous hours between charges
  • 2MB Memory which holds 1000's of scans
  • Reads small and large barcodes (5 mil to 20 mil)
  • Laser scanner for outdoor use or CCD scanner for indoor use
  • Export Barcode Scans to Excel or other programs

Advanced Features
Advanced optional features can be configured for an additional cost such as different prompts (for example, Location, Part #, and Quantity) or verifying parts by loading lookup tables to display the description, price, SKU’s, etc. 


Simple inventory capture. Sample of data uploaded into a spreadsheet.



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