Badge and Ticket Printing
Badge and Ticket Printing

MSS Software can assist with your badge and ticket printing needs. Whether you need everything provided and help on-site or just the tools to do it yourself, MSS Software can help.

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On or Off-Site Printing
MSS Software can help you design and print badges or tickets for your next event at a very low cost. And we can help you on or off-site. We also offer software, printers and media that would allow you to design and print on your own in house.

Printing badges or tickets is simple. First design the look and layout then merge a database to pull the data from. On badges, you can have the attendees name, title, barcoded ID and other fields pulled directly from a database you already have. The same can be done for tickets, or you can simply have the software auto-generate sequential barcoded ticket numbers for you.

Once you have your badges or tickets printed, MSS Software has an array of attendance tracking solutions that can assist with scanning. Whether you need to prevent faudulent tickets at a concert or track attendees in sessions at a conference, we have a solution that can help. MSS software has years of experience with event managers to assure that they have eveything they need to make their event a success! Contact MSS Software today to discuss your badge or ticket needs.

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