CK65 VistA Scanner Kit
CK65 VistA Scanner Kit

The CK65 scanner is a 3rd generation scanner for the VA Hospitals and it is designed to replace the CK3 VistA scanner. It is capable of scanning barcodes efficiently with a familiar user interface that makes adoption easy for users already familiar with the CK3 VistA kit.  The CK65 VistA kit includes programs for ENNX, PRCPH, PRCUS, MAXIMO and SCPRO.

Part#: M010AA

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Additional Information

The CK65 VistA scanner utilizes USB communication once again for easy and reliable data transfer.  KWedge 7.x is a desktop software program used for data transfer to VistA and a licensed copy is included with each scanner.  The CK65 kit with KWedge 7.x is a direct replacement for the CK3 with KWedge or CK3 with Ez Wedge data transfer utilities.

MSS Software has a long history with the VA regarding these programs and is the company who helped make previous Intermec equipment, such as the Janus 2020 and 2410 work with VistA. MSS Software created the special proprietary version of these programs which is pre-installed on each VistA kit that is shipped. This software program contains a menu of the three inventory/maintenance functions (PRCPH, PRCUS, ENNX, MAXIMO and SCPRO).

The scanner kit is a plug and play reader that can be used immediately in the VistA system. These reader kits and accessories are only available in the following kit configurations through qualified SEWP contract holders. For a complete list, please contact us.

VistA Barcode Reader Programs
PRCPH - EXPENDABLE PHYSICAL COUNT--Records inventory of expendable items
PRCUS - EXPENDABLE USAGE--Records usage of expendable items
ENNX - NON-EXPENDABLE--Records inventory of non-expendable equipment
MAXIMO- NON-EXPENDABLE—Records inventory of non-expendable equipment
SCPRO - A versatile program for scanning items and creating spreadsheet.  See more information on the SCPRO Product Page.

Info about this Scanner:
Overall Dimensions: 8.9 in x 3.3 in x 1.7 in
Weight with Battery: 17.6 oz
Screen Size: 4.0 inch color LCD
Physical Keypad: 51 Keys

Ordering Information
The CK65 VistA kit is available in two packages so the VA Hospitals may get the best value.  Scanner kits are available exclusively from MSS Software and authorized SEWP dealers.  Contact MSS Software to obtain a list of authorized dealers.  Scanners purchased from unauthorized sellers will not be supported by MSS Software or its dealer network.

When replacing CK3 scanners, MSS Software recommends keeping the accessories such as battery so you can use them with the new scanners. 

See the CT45 Scanner for a Full Touchscreen option.

Q.  Is KWedge or the VistA scanner approved for use at VA Hospitals?
A.  Yes, search TRM for KWedge for Android to find the approval.

Q: Is there something other than KWedge which we can use to work with the scanner?  KWedge is not allowed to be used at the VA.
A: There is confusion about the version of KWedge.  KWEdge 7.0 for the Android scanners is permitted to be used at VA.  It can be found on TRM.  Older Windows based scanners used KWedge 3.23 which no longer functions correctly since Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Device Center is allowed on VA comptuers.

Q: Do I need Windows Mobile Device Center on the computer to work with the CK65 or CT45 Pocket Scanner?
A: No.

Q: Are the scanners compatible with AbovePar?
A: Yes

Q: Where is Maximo on my scanner?
A: Tap the gear icon on the left top side. Enter the password 00000 and check the box for Maximo. Maximo will now appear with the other options.

Q: Why wont the data transfer?

A: The scanner may not be whitelisted, the IT department will need to be contacted about whitelisting the scanner.

Scanner Kits
M010AA - Complete Scanner Kit featuring all accessories and VistA Inventory applications pre-loaded and licensed
M010AB - Scanner Only Kit.  No Accessories.  Features VistA Inventory applications pre-loaded and licensed.  The scanner only package is the best fit for when you are replacing CK3 scanners because CK3 accessories including the dock, battery and pistol grip may be re-used with the CK65 scanner.


- Direct connect USB Cable for CK65/ CK3. To use instead of dock.
M871-230-301 - Quad Battery Charger. Power Supply and USB Sold Separately.
M318-063-001 - CK65 Spare Battery
M815-088-001 - Standard Belt Holster. Supports CK3 and CK65 with Pistol Grip.
M213-064-001 - Rubber Protective Boot For CK65 for Added Durability
M213-065-001 - Glass Screen Protector Kit, 5 Pack for CK65
M871-229-301 - Accessory, 4-Bay Multi Dock bundle kit. Charge Only CK3X/CK3R/CK65, US ONLY. Power supply and Power Cord Included.


Replacement Parts
M871-228-201 - Single Slot Dock for CK3 or CK65. For USB communication, charging the scanner, and charging a spare battery. Power Supply and USB Sold Separately.
M203-879-003 - Pistol Grip
M236-209-001 - USB Cable for CK65/CK3 Single Slot Dock
M851-810-002 - Power Supply and Power Cord for Single Slot Dock or Quad dock.
M1-974028-025 - Power Cord for Quad dock or Single Slot Dock. Power Supply Sold Separately.


 Warranty & Serivce
MSVCCK65-SG3 - MSS Software Service Contract for Ck65 Scanner, Hardware Repair and Software Support Agreement, 5 Day Depot Turn, 3 Year Term, Available to New Purchases Only
MSVCCK65-SG1R - MSS Software Service Contract for CK65 Scanner, Hardware Repair and Software Support Agreement, 5 Day Depot Turn, 1 Year Renewal Term, Available to Existing Purchases Only

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