Voyager 1602g
Voyager 1602g

Voyager 1602g 1D/2D Handheld Scanner

This great new addition to our portable handheld scanner lineup is the Voyager 1602g. Modern and packed with features, this sleek new scanner boasts impressive specs while staying affordable. Bluetooth compatibility is included- the Voyager 1602g also works with both 1D and 2D images. The unique white-LED light emitted from this scanner works effectively with even poor barcode images while staying efficient for point-of-sales, inventory, and customer engagement services.

Part#: MSS-1602g-1D

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The Voyager 1602g handheld scanner utilizes its strong performance capabilities for the most effective point-of-sales, inventory, and customer engagement services in retail, healthcare, office, and industrial settings. With connection capabilities including tethering, allows it to connect to tablets, mobile devices and standard PCs and laptops. Bluetooth functionality enables a range of 10 meters (33 feet) with options to connect to iOS, Android, Windows, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices. This scanner works for both 1D and 2D, with high-end technology to decipher poor quality and/or damaged barcode images. Additionally, the scanning engine of the Voyager 1602g processes images off of display screens. The Voyager 1602g can also withstand temperatures up to 122 Degrees Fahrenheit and drops to concrete so that it can be a suitable piece of equipment for harsh conditions.


  • Affordable and effective high-performance scanner
  • Batch mode capability
  • Sleek design for function and form
  • Available in 1D or 2D scanner engines (upgradeable)
  • Use with IOS, Android, PCs and pairs with most Bluetooth-compatible devices
  • Features a white LED aimer with a large red scanning button
  • User-replaceable battery: 2,250 scans in a single twelve hour shift 


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