Labor Reporting Software (Works in Process)
Labor Reporting Software (Works in Process)

Does your manufacturing or ERP software provide enough information to give you a clear idea of what is being done on the manufacturing floor? Our Labor Reporting software framework can be customized to allow you to determine how smoothly things are going in production and where the sore points are. And we streamline that process using barcoding and real time integration so that you are running smoothly and error-free.

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Works In Process
MSS Software produces custom Labor Reporting applications that make use of mobile barcode readers to get timely and accurate updates to the system. These solutions help companies manage and track the time it takes to manufacture complex items and eliminate errors. This Labor Reporting System (aka: Works in Process System or WIP) utilizes barcodes to make the system more automatic and easy to use.

The functioning of the system is such that items, work stations, functions and employees are assigned barcodes and the scanners are used to scan these barcodes and create transactions. Due to the fact that each transaction is date/time stamped, these transactions are compiled within a cloud-based database so that management can quickly see how much time is being spent on a project as it moves towards completion as well as any bottlenecks or hindrances to the process.

Data is captured and transferred to a database over real time via Wi-Fi or WAN so that administrators can view reports to see the status of a given project or build at any given time. The system can also continue to collect data even if the Wi-Fi or WAN is down so that the workers can continue to do their job.

The core Labor or WIP system can be greatly modified to fit your application process so that it fits your specifications and requirements. Some of the features of the system are listed below:
  • Labor Production Reporting
  • Barcode scanning for accuracy and efficiency
  • Real time data collection
  • Cloud based so you can query and view anywhere
  • Multiple reports to view, print and save

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