CK3 VistA Scanner Kit (Replaced by CK65 VistA Scanner Kit)
CK3 VistA Scanner Kit (Replaced by CK65 VistA Scanner Kit)

Inventory Programs for the Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a set of special barcode inventory programs that use Intermec and Honeywell barcode equipment to collect data for assets, inventory and maintenance purposes. These programs have been incorporated into the VistA System but go by acronyms such as GIP, IFCAP and AEMS/MERS and MAXIMO. The programs have a long history of use in the VA and have been extremely successful in keeping the VA's inventory up to date.

Part#: M005MX

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Price: Discontinued

Additional Information

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is using Intermec barcode readers such as 9440, Janus 2020, 2410, and the CK30. These barcode readers are no longer being manufactured. The newest version are the CK3X and CN51 mobile computer kits. Because the operating systems for these new readers are completely different than the older barcode readers, the reader programs come pre-installed in the reader kits along with KWedge software so that the data can be transferred easily into VistA or Maximo. That's why it is vital that the correct kit part number is ordered so that you get the software and hardware bundled together. Most qualified SEWP vendors can provide these kits off their contract, but you must order the correct part # to be sure of getting the complete system. Please ask us for the complete part # and description before ordering.

MSS Software has a long history with the VA regarding these programs and is the company who helped make previous Intermec equipment, such as the Janus 2020 and 2410 work with VistA. MSS Software created the special proprietary version of these programs which is pre-installed on each VistA kit that is shipped. This software program contains a menu of the four inventory/maintenance functions (PRCPH, PRCUS, ENPM, ENNX, and MAXIMO). Therefore, each kit allows the VA a plug and play reader that can be used immediately in their VistA system. These reader kits and accessories are only available in the following kit configurations through qualified SEWP contract holders. For a complete list, please contact us.

If you are already using the 9730 wedge kit with previous readers (J2020 or 2410), you may continue using the same wedge reader and cables with some of these new kits. However, on some of the newer models, you will need to install KWedge software (which is backwards compatible with most of the older barcode readers as well) and Windows Mobile Device Center WMDC. Please note that these new kits are compatible with Win7 operating systems as well as Windows 10.

The Following VISTA Kits are Available:

  • M010AA CK65 Vista Kit with KWedge for Android
  • M005MX CK3X MAX/VISTA Kits
  • White Poly Labels (3" x 1")
  • Printer Ribbons

VistA Barcode Reader Programs

  • KWedge for Android – for transferring data from the CK65 to VistA
  • PRCPH - EXPENDABLE PHYSICAL COUNT--Records inventory of expendable items
  • PRCUS - EXPENDABLE USAGE--Records usage of expendable items
  • ENPM - PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE--Records preventative maintenance of non-expendable equipment
  • ENNX - NON-EXPENDABLE--Records inventory of non-expendable equipment
  • MAXIMO - NON-EXPENDABLE--Assets inventory of non-expendable equipment

How do I resolve the Side by Side Error in KWedge or EzWedge?
Download and install the Side by Side patch by Microsoft from this link.

My VA no longer allows KWedge.  What are my options?
Some VA Hospitals have removed Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Device Center from computers which disables KWedge.  The recommended replacement of KWedge is EzWedge if you are using CK3 or CN51 devices.  Another option is replace the CK3 or CN51 scanner with our newest products which use KWedge 7.0 if you prefer USB communication.

My scanner is not working correctly.  How do I fix it?
If the application is not working correctly, a clean boot procedure will normally resolve it.

To clean boot a CK3X mobile computer, follow the steps below:

1.Press and hold the 'Power' button for about 2 seconds to suspend the computer.

2.Remove the battery pack from the back of the device.

3. With a stylus, press the 'Reset' button in the battery cavity.  There is an “R” next to the button.

4. Insert the battery pack into the computer and immediately press and hold the 'Power' button.

5. Continue to hold the 'Power' button until the 'Release IO Button' prompt appears on the screen.

6. The screen will say “press the first key”.  Press the #1 button.
    The screen will say “press the second key”.  Press the #2 button.
    The screen will say “press the first key”.  Press the #1 button.
    The screen will say “press the second key”.  Press the #2 button.
    Press the 2 keys, as instructed. In this example, the '9' and '6' keys are used. It can be any 2 keys.

7. The message 'Clean boot confirmed' appears on the screen. The device starts the process of clean booting.

Windows Mobile Device Center will not Launch.  How can this be fixed?

This is a common issue when a new computer with Windows 10 is being set up or a computer with Windows 7 is being upgraded to Windows 10.  The Windows 10 operating system is missing some components needed for WMDC to launch.  This issue can be resolved by following the instructions shown in this YouTube video and utilizing these codes.

Video Instructions:
Code 1: REG ADD HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesRapiMgr /v SvcHostSplitDisable /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
Code 2: REG ADD HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesWcesComm /v SvcHostSplitDisable /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

How to Fix Rapi.dll Not Found or Missing Errors
The rapi.dll file is used by Microsoft's Windows Mobile Device Center software to sync files between a computer and the CK3 VistA scanner.  The Rapi.dll error occurs when the file has been removed and the recommended method to repair it is to re-install the Windows Mobile Device center software.

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