Gryphon L GD4300
Gryphon L GD4300

High-Performance, Corded Laser Barcode Scanner

The Datalogic Gryphon L GD4300 barcode scanner delivers high-performance laser scanning, with longer reading distances and a vivid, well-defined scan line. Sophisticated enough to handle poor-quality barcodes and low-contrast labels lacking edge definition, the GD4300 barcode scanner offers superior depth of field, provides aggressive reading and label decoding, scans at 100 reads per second, and supports RS232, keyboard wedge, USB and wand emulation interfaces.

Part#: GD4300

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As part of Datalogic’s premium line of general-purpose handheld barcode scanners, the lightweight, compact GD4300 scanner is ideal for retail and office environments.  Delivering snappy performance and visual good-read feedback via Datalogic’s patented “Green Spot,” the GD4300 barcode scanner is built for durability: a sturdy, rubber-type overmold protects the scanner from damage during drops, safeguards the scan window and prevents slippage off smooth surfaces. The GD4300 barcode scanner has two sets of multi-interface options, including IBM 46XX, USB and RS232 for point-of-sale applications.


  • IP52 sealing rating gaurds against dust and liquid spills
  • Anti-shock mounts protect internal scan engine and optics
  • Two sets of multi-interface options offer configuration flexibility
  • Available in the colors, black or white
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