Barcode Data Entry - Forms Filling - Order It

Barcode Data Entry - Forms Filling - Order It
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Barcode Data Entry - Forms Filling
Order-It! Is a fast automated way of taking orders quickly at shows conventions or seminars. Order-It! order forms are filled out quickly and without errors by scanning barcodes of the items that the customer wants and then transferring that to the form. All calculations such as quantities and total prices are automatically performed and saved to your PC so you can print out a receipt for the customer. This system requires no WiFi or cellular communications.

Part#: ORD-151

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Order It! allows your sales team to fill out order forms lightening fast and with more accuracy than ever before. Using a simple handheld barcode reader, personnel can take more orders in less time, increasing overall sales objectives. In addition, your order forms will look more professional. Using simple portable barcode scanners loaded with your SKUs, UPCs, descriptions, pricing, etc., you can collect orders quickly and automatically by scanning item barcodes. They just scan the item barcodes and input the quantity that they customer needs. This scenario is repeated until the customer is finished and the order is ready to be transferred into the computer for processing.

Order It! software resides on the PC and is ready to fill in the order form automatically with the captured data. Any other data (customer information, order #, etc.) is entered on the computer keyboard, and then the order form is saved and printed. This electronic copy can be sent to corporate headquarters for processing and fulfillment after the event. No more errors, no more rewriting orders, no more headaches! MSS Software works with you to make sure that your barcodes and lookup tables are accurate to provide you with an error free operation on the sales floor. 


  • Barcode data collection for fast error-free use
  • Fast, accurate and automatic order entry
  • Automatic calculations of totals
  • Improves accuracy by eliminating hard to read handwritten orders
  • Take more orders because of improved efficiency
Screenshot of filled in form
Screenshot of filled in form after data is collected on a scanner and transferred to a PC


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