WiFi Barcode Badge and Ticket Scanner

WiFi Barcode Badge and Ticket Scanner
Basic Inventory Kit

Scan and Verify Badges and Tickets
WiFi Barcode Badge and Ticket Checker allows anyone using our wireless handheld barcode readers to scan badges or tickets at exhibits, conventions or seminars and verify that the badge or ticketholder is allowed to enter a specific area. There are three possible scan outcomes using this system: good scan--valid barcode in the database, invalid scan--barcode isn't in the database or duplicate scan--barcode already scanned.

Part#: WBC-101

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The Ticket/Badge Scanning Kit
WiFi Barcode Checker consists of two or more wireless barcode readers and a computer that contains a lookup table of badge or ticket numbers. There is also a wireless backbone consisting of an access point with 802.11b/g and router. As long as the barcode readers are within range of the router, tickets or badges can easily be scanned to verify the number of the barcode and pull up text specific to that ticket or badge on the screen of the reader.

Since many people only have these events once or twice a year, it usually makes more economic sense to rent the equipment from MSS Software. It is also useful to have the equipment more than a single week in advance of the event in order to become familiar with the operation of the equipment. For this reason, the rental period is adjusted to fit this schedule. The following prices include all necessary equipment for the event. This whole rental kit includes two barcode readers, computer, software, WiFi equipment and support for only $750 for up to 10 days. Should you need more than two readers, additional readers can be obtained for the 10 day period at a cost of $150 each. You can also purchase this kit for $2,995. On-site support is available for this product.

Since this makes use of a WiFi network (802.11b/g), the barcode readers read and write in real-time to a live database on a host system. All scans are wirelessly checked against a centralized database to verify the information is accurate and correct. Once verified, the barcode reader user is notified that this information is correct.  If the barcode scanned is not in the database, or has already been scanned an error message is displayed and an alarm is given to the user. Below is an example of the WiFi setup.


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