Maximo Mobile Asset Management

Maximo Mobile Asset Management
Basic Inventory Kit

Managing assets within Maximo has never been easier using Asset-Max. This mobile system was designed specifically to extend the reach of Maximo by providing the ability to accurately and rapidly manage an organization’s assets.

Part#: MAX-100

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Additional Information

Mobile Computing
Asset-Max provides a seamless integration path for mobile devices into Maximo. No additional software or hardware is needed for this system to work.

It all starts from the login into Maximo from the mobile device. All data tables for a particular inventory can be loaded onto the device and an audit can be conducted remotely and without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. Best of all, data can be collected by scanning barcodes or RFID tags. After the inventory is done and all the updated data is ready, then it can be transferred back into a file folder so that Maximo can be updated as required.

RFID Mobility
Of special interest for Maximo users is Asset-Max’s ability to use RFID tags for inventory. The use of RFID in asset management is growing quickly. RFID allows organizations to verify the location status of multiple assets with a single scan. This is particularly effective when you are dealing with sensitive assets such as hazmat or assets that may be out of sight, like those stored on higher shelves.
Maximo Scanning

Asset-Max with RFID provides your team with the ability to conduct asset activities and audits at a distance from the asset or in combination with other assets. As a result, speed of completion is increased, risk to your staff (or the asset in movement) is decreased and the asset task is done with efficiency and integrity.

Asset-Max works by communicating seamlessly with Maximo to download asset information onto the mobile device. Once your staff completes their asset activities, updates to Maximo are as easy as docking the mobile device and pressing an upload button.

Asset-Max Key Benefits

  • Seamless Integration with Maximo
  • RFID and Barcode Mobile data capture
  • Perform inventories with greater speed and accuracy
  • Eliminate Paper Audits

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