Scan My Way Inventory System
Scan My Way Inventory System

Scan - Count - Inventory

Easy to use inventory system for small businesses.
Scan My Way was designed for small businesses who need an affordable way to scan and collect inventory data with just one to two scanners.  The system earns its name because it is easily adaptable to your business with the ability to configure each input field in a way that matches your business.

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Additional Information

Scan My Way is Configurable
Scan My Way makes data collection jobs a snap because of its flexible and configurable program. It allows you to collect data quickly and efficiently on Android Scanner devices. You can start with a simple program to collect fields like Location, Barcode and Quantity or modify field names and reduce the number of prompts. Other features allow you to view the data collected and delete a record if it was collected in error before uploading to your PC.

Collect Date and Time
Scan My Way is a truly great for inventory solutions that require date/time stamps so that you can record when the scan was done.  Data is collected in a .csv file structure (comma separated value) so you can easiy open it with Excel or import the data into other programs.


  • Customize prompts and fields
  • Collect data in .csv (comma delimited) format 
  • Allow data deletions
  • Transfer data by USB cable

Common Scenarios

Item and Quantity

Scan My Way can collect Inventory Data

In this example, Scan My Way was configured to capture Item and Quantity.  The user is scanning the item then typing a qty, over and over again.

The bottom of the screen shows scanned data for quick review.  There are two records shown for each of the items scanned.


Location, Item and Quantity

Scan My Way can collect Inventory Data with Location

This example is similar to the previous example with the difference being Location is captured.  The user scans or types the value into the Location field, then scans the Item, and enters the quantity.

The bottom of the screen shows scanned data for quick review.  There are four records shown for each of the items scanned.


Asset Scanning

Scan My Way can collect Asset data.

This example shows how Scan My Way can be configured to capture asset data.  A common need for our customers is to scan a barcode in a door jamb  into the Location field then scan all Assets in the room.

Scan My Way allows you to collect one to four fields of data as well as a date/time stamp. Reduce data entry time by automating entry of repetitive fields. Highly configurable and easy to use. Save data directly on the unit for later upload to a PC using a simple USB cable or use our simple data transfer utility to automate data transfers. Easy setup for simple inventory or asset tracking solutions.



Scanner Kits
MSS-SCPRO-KIT1 - Scan Count Pro Bundle for Simple Inventory Control.  Includes 1 Rugged Scanner with 1D/2D Standard Range Scan Engine, Android O/S, Replaceable Battery, Charging Dock and Perpetual License.  1 Year Support and Software Maintenance.


- Protective Boot
M871-230-301 - Quad Battery Charger. Power Supply and USB Sold Separately.
SCP-Dock - Charging+Communication Dock Kit. Power Supply, Power Cord and USB Cable Included. Ideal for convenient chargign and data downloading.
SCP-Grip - Scan Handle. Compatible with Charging Dock
SCP-SVC-3YR - Comprehesiv Coverage. 3 Year Term. Includes No Fault Repair of Scanner and 3 Years of Software Support.
SCP-PWR - Wall Charger. Use with USB Cable for Fast Charging
SCP-Batt - Spare battery



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