Government Case Studies

MSS Software has many government customers from federal, state and local organizations. We commonly develop software and recommend the hardware needed to resolve data collection issues for government agencies. Our federal government customers include organizations such as CIA, FBI, U.S. Armed Forces, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Senate and many more.

These are some examples of the projects we have done for government organizations. Many of these customers are ongoing, as they continually update their software and barcode technology to improve operations:

U.S. Navy

Because of Item Unique IDentification (IUID) mandates by the Department of Defense (DOD), the U.S. Navy makes use of MSS Software's ePrint, a program used to tag all equipment worth over $5000 aboard Naval ships. Using portable barcode printers by Zebra and portable barcode readers by Intermec, MSS Software's ePrint is allowing the collection of vital information such as Cage, Model and Serial numbers to be encoded into data matrix barcodes and applied to equipment on the go.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

MSS Software recommended barcode equipment and developed software for evidence control throughout the U.S. The equipment is now used in all DEA's field offices for tracking confiscated evidence

Veteran's Administration

MSS Software created a software program for barcode readers to track the VA hospitals' expendables and non-expendable supplies, as well as assets and maintenance of these assets. MSS Software's asset tracking and inventory program is currently being used in all VA hospitals nationwide.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The FBI uses MSS Software's program and recommended barcode readers to track and control evidence at many of their field offices.

World Bank

MSS Software developed an asset tracking program for portable handhelds for all field offices of the World Bank. Our program has been in use for many years, and the World Bank is now entering a new phase of the project.

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