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Ticket Scanner

Ticket Scanner
Basic Inventory Kit

This Ticket Scanner uses a portable barcode scanner to scan tickets for events. By using this small ticket scanner, the ticket # is scanned and captured in the device along with the date and time of the scan.

Ticket Scanner Verifies if Ticket is:

These simple ticket scanners can be used at sporting events, music events, plays and any other event where tickets and passes are used to gain admittance. Scanner warns of invalid or duplicate scans so that you can take the appropriate action.

Part#: TS101

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Price: $795.00

Additional Information

The ticket scanner barcode reader allows you to load a lookup table of your tickets so that the ticket # can be displayed once the barcode of the ticket is scanned. If a ticket is scanned that is not in the lookup table then the barcode scanner or reader will sound a warning and display whether the ticket is either good, a duplicate, or invalid.

Ticket scans captured by the barcode reader along with the date and time of the scan, can be downloaded to the PC, and opened with Microsoft Excel or imported into other programs. We have various models that can scan tickets on phones, 1D or 2D barcodes inclucing QR code, PDF-417, Data Matrix and others.   
Scanning a badge



  • Scan and verify tickets at all events.
  • Load a ticket lookup table to verify scans.
  • Summary Report of the tickets scanned.
  • Visual of tickets left to scan.

Various Models Available:

  • CCD Ticket Scanner (can scan 1D barcodes on paper or smart phones) $795
  • Laser Ticket Scanner (can scan 1D barcodes on paper) $895
  • Imager Ticket Scanner (can scan 2D barcodes on paper or smart phones) $995

Rent me for $150/wk.

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