CS3000 Companion Scanner
CS3000 Companion Scanner

The innovative Zebra CS3000 Series enables enterprises to easily implement 1D laser scanning where either mobility or the cost and size of a traditional scanning device is an inhibitor. The tiny device is affordably priced and fits in a pocket or on a lanyard.

The CS3000 can be utilized in standalone mode for the batch scanning of barcodes, while the CS3070 offers batch mode as well as real-time bar code data transmission to a host application via a wireless Bluetooth® connection to smartphones, laptops and more.

Part#: CS3000

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Zebra Signature Ergonomics Ensure User Comgort & Ease of Use
The easy to use CS3000 Series requires virtually no training to operate. The highly intuitive simple 2-button interface makes scanning easy and grooves guide hands and fingers into the most comfortable scanning position.

Enterprise-Class Capacity, Reliability & Low Total Cost of Ownership
The large memory capacity allows workers to capture more than a million barcodes, providing ample support for the largest batch operations. The non-volatile memory ensures that batch data is retained

Best-in-Class High Performance Scanning
The integrated SE955 scan engine delivers Zebra's world-renowned scanning quality and reliability. The wide working range provides extraordinary application flexibility, allowing users to capture barcodes in virtually any lighting condition.

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