EzWedge Software
EzWedge Software

EzWedge Software is a software application for desktop computers to transfer data from mobile comptuers to other business applications on the PC.  EzWedge transfers data from a scanner connected to the network to a PC.  This software utlitiy is an alternative to KWedge which is based upon USB data transfer.  EzWedge is ideal if your PC does not have Windows Mobile Device Center installed.

The EzWedge kit includes the USB to Ethernet adapter used for Intermec and Honeywell docks, a USB cable, and EzWedge software developed by MSS Software.

Part#: EZW100

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Additional Information

How do I download the EzWedge software?
EzWedge is sold as part of a kit which includes the software and a communication adapter for the CK3 dock.  EzWedge is not available for download at this time.

Which devices is EzWedge compatible with?
EzWedge is compatible with the CK3A, CK3B, CK3X, and CN51.  It is not needed for the CK31 or CK65.

How do I resolve the Side by Side Error?
Download the Side by Side Error Resolution files from the Download section.

The scanner will not validate connection with a laptop even though the IP address and port are correct.
Some VA Hospitals have separate VLANs for Desktop (LAN) and Laptop (Wi-FI) computers.  Align all devices to the same VLAN to resolve the issue.

Why is EzWedge transferring data that was deleted after a previous transfer?
Transfer should never occur from the EzWedge program as EzWedge keeps a copy of the last transfer performed. Always transfer from the Scanner menu to transfer only new data.

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