MPM43 Label Printer
MPM43 Label Printer

This printer has been specifically configured to print VA labels from the VistA system using the same labels you've always used for your equipment and property labels (3" x 1" polyester labels) but you can also print out small labels with the same information on them (1 1/2" x 1/2" polyester labels) for smaller items. You only need to pick the size of label on the printer's touch screen panel before sending your print job to the printer.

Be sure to purchase the labels and ribbons (ink) from MSS Software for reliable smear-free printing.

Part#: MPM43-V

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Key Features
  • Prints regular sized labels (3” x 1”)
  • Prints small labels ( 1.5” x .5”)
  • Prints RFID encoded labels (optional)
  • Prints the fastest speed of it’s class at 12ips
  • Ethernet ready
  • Holds approximately 2,500 labels

See also MPC43 for a compact model.

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