1Scan Mobile Barcode Software

1Scan Mobile Barcode Software
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1Scan Mobile Barcode Software
A Win Mobile-Win CE data collection software that collects scans to transfer to your PC. You can make sure it only collects the scans you want by configuring data lengths, setting preambles, defining numeric or alphanumeric, and data/time stamping the transaction. This is a fully featured and configurable barcode data collection program that is easy to use.

Part#: SFW-1SCAN1

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The following screen shots show how this program works.

Figure 1. Main Data Entry Screen

Figure 2. Shows options for 1 scan
Screenshot 1 Scan more options
Figure 3. Shows more options that can be set

Figure 4. Review Screen


  • Collects barcodes, serial numbers, badges, anything that is bar-coded.
  • Set up to not allow duplicates.
  • Date/Time stamp the transaction.
  • Allow only numeric entry.
  • Set min/max data lengths.
  • Set a prefix value.
  • Show battery status.
  • Review and delete.
  • Set the delimiter (comma, space, etc.)
  • Barcode label printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Keyboard



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