FBI Evidence Scanner Kit
FBI Evidence Scanner Kit

The FBI Evidence Scanner allows users to collect inventory data with a secure device and provides several key updates including:

Part#: MFC-CN8XK

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Additional Information

The FBI Evidence Scanner is designed to be a direct replacement for the Intermec CK3 scanners which have become obsolete with limited software and hardware support.  The new scanner system is based on the latest technology from the barcode industry and it features the Android operating system so the user experience is improved in terms of speed and ease of use.  

Enhanced Security
The FBI Evidence Scanner is equipped with enhanced security features including no radios, no camera, no memory card slot, and no microphone to meet and exceed the most stringent security requirements. Data is securely stored on the scanner as it is scanned then later transferred to the PC.

Transferring Data
The new scanners come with a licensed copy of USB Communicator which is a PC/desktop software utility used for retrieving data from the scanners.  It is a direct replacement for Data 4 Sure.  Information about the USB Communicator software application can be found at its product page.  

Windows Mobile Device Center No Longer Used
The new scanners do not use Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) which is obsolete and discontinued by Microsoft.  The new scanners include drivers so they plug and play with Windows PCs.

A Trusted Partner
MSS Software has been providing bar code scanner technology and support to your agency for more than ten years.

Is this scanner compatible with Data 4 Sure?
No.  Data 4 Sure is only compatible with the CK3X.  USB Communicator is the direct replacement for Data 4 Sure. 


MFC-CN8XK - Evidence Scanner Kit for FBI.  Honeywell CN80 without Radios, Microphone or Camera.  Dock Included for Device Charging and USB Communication.  One Battery Included.  Includes USB Communicator Software for PC Data Transfer (Replaces Data4Sure) with 2 Year Term License.  Scanner is Pre-Loaded with FBI Evidence Data Collection Application with Perpetual License.  One Year Hardware Warranty and Software Maintenance Included
MFA-BATT – Spare CN80 Battery
MFA-NOETHDOCK – CN80 Docking Base with US Cord
MFA-ETHDOCK – CN80 Ethernet Docking Base Kit. Includes Power Cord and USB Cable
MFA-SNAPUSB – Snap On USB Cable for CN80
MFA-SH – Scan Handle for CN80
MFS-W3YR - 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty for FBI CN80. Hardware Coverage Includes No Fault for Scanner and Accessories. Software Coverage Includes Warranty Against Defects and Bugs plus Free of Charge Depot Software Updates


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