MSS Inventory Tracker System
MSS Inventory Tracker System

Inventory Barcode System

Retail-Warehouse-Distribution Inventory System

Save time and money by maintaining accurate stock counts of items in your warehouse or store. Real-time or batch, this system will provide you with an accurate count of your inventory.

Receiving or adding new stock to your inventory is easy to do. Just scan the item and enter the quantity received. Updating the system is automatic. When shipping items from your inventory, all transactions are stored in the system to alert you if you are running low on any items. Audits or cycle counts can be conducted using simple inventory scanner guns. Items found can be compared with quantity on hand to see if there are any discrepancies.

Set minimum stock levels for each of your SKU's or part numbers so that you are warned in case of low stock quantities. Low stock levels are automatically triggered to notify users so you will never be caught without stock. Cycle counts can be reduced to a minimum so that you can concentrate on running your business, not constantly doing inventory counts to stay more accurate. Export Barcode Scans to Excel or other programs


Part#: ITK-108

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Inventory Scanning Where it Counts:

  • Stock Rooms
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumables

Streamline the Inventory Process
Control the management of receiving, shipping and audits of your inventory on a daily basis with Inventory Scanner Guns. This inventory system manages your items from receiving stock on the dock to shipping or usage of your stock. Manage all your items from multiple sites or locations. Get an updated status on your inventory any time you need it.

Set Min/Max Inventory Levels
It's no fun running low or out of stock of popular items. Avoid these stock out situations by setting Min or Max levels for your inventory. Setting up minimum levels an item can go to before a re-order is necessary will ensure that you have what you need when you need it.

Inventory Audits

Conduct inventory audits to ensure that you have the correct quantity of items in your inventory. Compare the Quantity on Hand to the Audit conducted by your inventory scanners to see if there are any discrepancies.This can be done on a daily or yearly basis as needed. Reports will show any discrepancies and adjustments that need to be made.

Item Validation
Be assured that you are scanning the correct item with a lookup of the description of it when shipping or receiving an item. Keep accurate shipping reports of all items shipped or allocated.


Automatically Manage your Inventory

  • Implement handheld barcode scanners
  • Make your business process easy to use and understand
  • Maintain inventory control and transparency across different locations
  • Use Rugged Warehouse Scanner Guns such as Honeywell and Zebra

Ship or Receive Items

  • Scan items in or out of inventory and create reports that show all items shipped or received
  • Add new items easily to your inventory.
  • Look up the description to ensure it is the correct item.

Keep track of your inventory

  • Quickly scan items and enter quantity to efficiently keep track of your inventory
  • No need to keep written records prone to human error
  • Automated inventory data can be reviewed and reports by location can be printed
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Levels for your popluar items

Warehouse or Store Locations

  • Track inventory in multiple locations or warehouses
  • Keep seperate audits for each location
  • Shipping, Receiving and Audit for all in a single online platform
  • Log in to one database from anywhere



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