Barcode Inspection System
Barcode Inspection System

Perform Fire Extinguisher Inspections Quickly and Accurately

Inspector is a web-based inspection software system that fits almost any inspection need. Use it to inspect fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, eyewash stations, and other equipment that requires regular inspections to meet your requirements.

It's cloud-based so you can conduct your inspections at remote locations anywhere there is a need. Users at multiple locations can simultaneously use their mobile device to perform their inspections as needed. Queries and reports can be generated for field review.

Inspector can use mobile Barcode and RFID readers to conduct fast and accurate inspections. You can track your assets by location, equipment type, serial numbers, asset conditions and the date of the inspection as well as see a history of inspections for any asset.

Part#: BIK-802

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Features of the Inspector Inspection System
• Automate equipment inspections and maintenence checks
• Ideal for tracking fire extinguisher and other saftey inspections
• Mobile barcode scanners speed up inspections and increases accuracy
• Track condition of equipment in multiple locations
• Audit assets for annual inventory reports
• Auto-triggered inspection schedules

Barcode and RFID Inspections
This system can use RFID or barcodes for more accurate and fast inspections. Using a mobile barcode device allows inspectors to conduct inspections more quickly and a WIFI connection is not necessary to get the job done. Just download the inspection database into the scanner before starting then when onsite a complete inspection can be performed because the data is located in the scanner. When back in a connected area the scanner can be uploaded and the data collected will be transferred into the online inspection system.

The mobile scanners are cell phone size and fit in the palm of your hand and can also read RFID tags. The scanners can scan 1D, 2D or QR-Code barcodes to quickly identify assets. These scanners are rugged enough to take drops to concrete and keep on working. For hazardous environments, where intrinsically safe or ATEX ratings are required, please contact MSS Software for these requirements since the equipment used for this is specialized and requires more information.

Asset ID’s
Companies can use their existing asset barcodes or create labels directly from our Inspector System using the optional barcode label printer. Whether you need one label or many labels, this system prints directly to the label printer. Printing labels directly from the system makes it easy when adding assets. Also, it is sometimes necessary to print out a replacement label for an asset and this process makes it simple. No additional or separate printing system is necessary. Other fields can also be added to the label such as company name, serial number, etc.

Set Inspection and Interval Criteria
Inspector allows you to select the inspection required and the interval that the inspection is needed (for example, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.). Also, up to six inspections can be setup for any asset with different interval if needed. For instance, an asset may require a monthly inspection to check the valve but also a separate yearly inspection for the gauge.

Add Assets
Inspector makes it easy to add assets in bulk or individually. When adding assets in the warehouse or field it’s just a matter of inputting the fields you need and then adding them on the mobile device. For example, if 10 new fire extinguishers need to be added then the only thing necessary is to input the various fields such as Mfg., Model, Desc., etc. and then scan in the barcode ids and serial numbers of the 10 assets being added.

Audit Assets
Usually, assets are audited on a yearly basis. Using Inspector and a mobile barcode device, you can do these inventory audits quickly. Simply enter the Site and then start scanning the assets in each location. If an asset doesn’t belong in that location, a warning will appear so that the asset can be either be accepted or rejected for that location. If accepted the asset will show up in the discrepancy reports due to the location. Discrepancy reports are available as well as Items Found and Items Not Found in the Reports.

Reports and Exports
Inspector produces reports to provide upper management with the documentation needed for compliance. For example, data can be sorted by Inspector, Date, Location, etc. and reports can be generated showing only the information that is needed. Other reports can show audits and assets added by date. This data can also be exported to Excel for you with other programs.

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