Attendance Tracking
Attendance Tracking

Time and Attendance System for Seminars, Events, and Conferences.

Scan and Track Attendees at Events, Seminars, Meetings and more!
Attendance Tracker Pro (ATP) is a simple cloud-based system used to automatically keep track of attendance using barcodes. This web-based software can determine the attendance of attendees at seminars, conferences and meetings and also assign credits if necessary. This system uses simple barcode scanners to easily scan barcoded badges and keep track of attendees as they attend sessions or classes. It can also be used for lead retrieval at trade shows

Part#: ATP-101

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Additional Information

  • Cloud-based solution that can be accessed anywhere
  • Easy-to-use portable badge scanners
  • Customizable reports by attendee, session and time attended
  • CME Credits (adjustable by Session)
  • Includes Badge Printing or use your own Badges
  • Registration tools
  • Prevent illegal entry into your events

Badge Printing and Scanning
The barcode on the printed badge contains the ID of the attendee. This solution allows you to print your own badges or use the badges you use currently. The portable barcode scanner records the badge, event, date and time the individual attended each session. These records can be added to Attendance Tracker Pro at any time. Reports such as who, what, when and where can be generated for the attendees attendance at each session. Trade show exhibitors will be able to scan potential customers for later marketing efforts.

Man scanning badge

Attendance Tracking
Scan and Track attendees at your seminars, classes, workshops, training events and conferences using portable barcode badge scanners. The barcode scanners save the data for later transfer to Attendance Tracker Pro. If you need to verify the total time people attend a class or seminar, using the Check In Check Out features, you will be able to access that information as well. You can also setup the scanners to only allow registered people in the session, thus preventing illegal entry into the class. The system also allows for unattended barcode scanning so that attendees can scan in themselves.

Attendance Reports
There are a variety of reports available to you with Attendance Tracker Pro and each of them are customizable to fill your needs. You can also sort by date, time, attendee, booth or session. A brief overview and highlights of some of the reports is provided below...

  • By Attendees—Report lists the attendee and sessions they attended.
  • By Sessions—Report shows a list of all attendees for each session.
  • By Attendee and Time—This Session report shows when an attendee clocked in and out, as well as the amount of credits earned (CME).
  • Credit by Session—This report displays credits earned by attendee for each session.
  • Msc Reports—Absentee, Extra Attendees and other reports can be generated. Exports to Excel and other formatts are available.

Attendance Tracker Pro allows you to access your data anytime and anywhere with our browser-based solution. No installation required. Create registration links to automate the registration process and print badges. Quickly scan attendees at events and/or trade shows using compact barcode readers. Create customizable reports on each attendee, session or event at any time.  On-site support is available for this product.

Following is just a sample of the many reports you can customize and create using ATP:

Absentee ReportAttendees by Session Report



Q. Can I have 2 logos at the top of the report page?
A. ATP only has one logo for the reports currently. There would be an extra charge for a custom report.

Q. Can ATP track in and out scanning?
A.  Yes

Q. Is ATP network dependent?

A. No, you only need Wi-Fi at beginning to load your attendees and at the end to pull the data off the scanners.

Q. Can ATP email reports and badges?
A.  Yes

Q. Can ATP generate badges?
A.  Yes

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