QuickScan QD2100
QuickScan QD2100

Corded Entry-Level Scanner (Linear Imaging)

Small and lightweight, the entry-level QuickScan QD2100 linear imaging scanner is ideal for government, retail and office environments. The QuickScan QD2100 is economical and easy to use. It offers snappy reading performance on hard-to-read barcodes, a visual indicator (green spot) that gives instant user feedback indicating the barcode was read properly, a user-replaceable scan window, and USB, RS-232 and other interfaces.

Part#: QD2100

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Additional Information

As part of Datalogic’s value line of general-purpose handheld barcode scanners, the QuickScan QD2100 is an entry-level linear imager scanner that is designed for comfort and everyday use. Those in government, retail and office environments appreciate its snappy reading performance and ability to read a wide range of 1D symbologies. Its durable design includes a replaceable scanner window, enabling users to replace damaged or scratched windows without the need to send the barcode scanner away for repairs.


  • Linear imager scanner engine
  • Drop resistance of up to 5 feet on concrete
  • Ability to read a wide randge of 1D code symbologies
  • Complete kit, including cable: optional stand
  • Available in black or white
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