Voyager 1450g 1452g
Voyager 1450g 1452g

Voyager 1450g & 1452g 1D/2D Handheld Scanner

If you are looking for a 1D/2D scanner, two solid picks from the Voyager series are the 1450g (corded) and the 1452g (wireless) products. The main benefit of these scanners is in the cost-effective 1D to 2D upgrade plan (these scanners come available with 1D barcode scan engines and have the option to upgrade to 2D scan engines later). Upgrading is a swift process that requires only a simple software upgrade purchase. As with all products in the Voyager line, the unmatched performance allows for rapid and accurate scans for point-of-sales, inventory, and customer engagement services.

Part#: MSS-1450g MSS-1452g

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2D is currently taking over 1D as the new standard for the constantly adjusting industry. However, there are still uses for readers that utilize only 1D; you can purchase the Voyager 1450g or the 1452g which come with 1D-reading capabilities at an affordable price and later upgrade to 2D at your pace, whenever the need arises. In addition, the future proofing of this product allows you to evolve the software within the scanning engine as new technologies are released. Both of these scanners are highly respectable in their effectiveness in point-of-sales, inventory, and customer engagement services. Both scanners can connect through a tethered connection but the Voyager 1452g allows for wireless connectivity sporting 10 meters (33 feet) of Bluetooth range with options to connect to iOS, Android, Windows, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices. Additionally, these scanners can scan coupons, mobile tickets, and digital wallets from screens of mobile devices.

1450g/1452g Features:

  • Most affordable and effective high-performance scanners in the market
  • 1D Scanner that can be upgraded to 2D
  • USB connectivity for 1450g and BT for 1452g
  • Very light - Weighs only 4.6 oz
  • Durable and survives high temperatures and drops to concrete
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