Voyager 1250g
Voyager 1250g

Voyager 1250g Far-Reaching Laser Scanner

Made for great convenience with inventory and item management, the Voyager 1250g has an aggressive scanning feature that allows it to read larger bar codes up to 23 inches away. Although ergonomic, the scanner itself is quite powerful- the single-line laser can read poorly printed and damaged barcodes while also reaching items that may be out of reach and/or at the bottom of carts and shelves. The scanner comes out of the box for plug and play with self-configuration. Hands-free scanning feature is available.

Part#: MSS-1250g

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The Voyager 1250g is designed as a superior value option for extended depth-of-field focus. While very ergonomic, the scan engine features a strong single-laser that can reach up to 23 inches, making it a great choice for inventory control and checking items. The depth-of-field laser is perfect for items that can be hard to reach, or are placed in inconvenient locations.  The scanner is plug_and_play straight out of the box and has a weight of 133 g or 4.7 oz, allowing for easy handling with its ergonomic shape. The scanner is designed to be comfortable, reducing user-fatigue. There is no need to scan programming barcodes for configuration of interfaces- all interfaces are supported with its automatic detection. The scanner can also allow for hands-free scanning when used in tandem with its stand. Reads 1D symbologies.


  • Very ergonomic, light, and comfortable
  • Plug and play USB connectivity
  • Hands-free w/ stand
  • Reaches 13 mil bar codes up to 17.6 inches- larger barcodes read up to 23 inches
  • Automatic interface detection, supports all interfaces
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