Corded Barcode Scanners

We carry corded laser scanners and CCD scanners that attach by cord to a computer. The captured data goes directly into your PC. If you don't require a wireless solution, these barcode scanners offer an inexpensive and effective solution to data collection. For more information on corded barcode scanner, call us at 800-428-8643.

CipherLab 1070

Corded Contact Scanner (TAA Compliant)
Fast, easy, and accurate scanning with incredible reliability, low cost, and a three-year warranty. The 1070 Contact Scanner improves productivity by accelerating processes and eliminating scanning errors. It comes with 2M cord length and CCD scan engine.

Part#: 1070
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CipherLab 1105

Corded Handheld Scanner (TAA Compliant)
The 1105 Barcode Scanner is ideal for most applications. It's CCD Scanner engine allows you to scan even the most difficult or badly damaged barcodes. You can scan up to 10" away depending on the density of the barcode. This is ideal in environments such as retail, industrial, manufacturing and enterprise.

Part#: 1105
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CipherLab 1500 Corded Series

Corded Barcode Scanners (TAA Compliant)
CipherLab continues to provide flexibility and productivity with value with the 1500 series scanners. This series includes the 1500 scanner, the 1502 scanner and the 1504 scanner. These lightweight corded scanners are handy and easy to use, providing smarter devices to improve your business. With these scanners you can capture data from regular to long barcodes and with a choice of linear imager, 2D imager or laser.

Part#: 1500-U 1502-U 1504-U
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Intermec SG20

SG20 General Duty 1D/2D Handheld Scanner

The SG20 product line has been expanded to include a new imaging option: EA31. Like our EA30, this new imager offers blistering fast scanning performance, motion tolerance, and omni-directional reading capability. The primary difference is in aimer technology. The EA30 uses a laser-based aiming system, while EA31 uses an LED-based aiming system that is ideal for customer-facing applications like retail point-of-sale.

Part#: INT-SG20
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QuickScan QD2100

Corded Entry-Level Scanner (Linear Imaging)

Small and lightweight, the entry-level QuickScan QD2100 linear imaging scanner is ideal for government, retail and office environments. The QuickScan QD2100 is economical and easy to use. It offers snappy reading performance on hard-to-read barcodes, a visual indicator (green spot) that gives instant user feedback indicating the barcode was read properly, a user-replaceable scan window, and USB, RS-232 and other interfaces.

Part#: QD2100
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QuickScan QD2300

Corded Entry-Level Scanner (Laser)

Small and lightweight, the entry-level QuickScan QD2300 laser barcode scanner offers the ability to read long barcodes from a short distance, making it ideal for government, retail and office environments. The QuickScan offers snappy reading performance on hard-to-read barcodes, wide scanning angles for reading longer barcodes and USB, RS-232 and other interfaces.

Part#: QD2300
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Voyager 1450g 1452g

Voyager 1450g & 1452g 1D/2D Handheld Scanner

If you are looking for a 1D/2D scanner, two solid picks from the Voyager series are the 1450g (corded) and the 1452g (wireless) products. The main benefit of these scanners is in the cost-effective 1D to 2D upgrade plan (these scanners come available with 1D barcode scan engines and have the option to upgrade to 2D scan engines later). Upgrading is a swift process that requires only a simple software upgrade purchase. As with all products in the Voyager line, the unmatched performance allows for rapid and accurate scans for point-of-sales, inventory, and customer engagement services.

Part#: MSS-1450g MSS-1452g
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Xenon 1900g 1902g

Xenon 1900g & 1902g Handheld Scanner

The Xenon 1900g and 1902g are the best choices for optimized code-scanning. Being in line with the sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, the 1900g and 1902g offer versatility in barcode reading compatibility. These scanners can scan from high density linear images to 2D barcodes found on mobile devices. While the 1900g is wired, the 1902g is wireless with Bluetooth capabilities.

Part#: MSS-1900g MSS-1902g


Voyager 1250g

Voyager 1250g Far-Reaching Laser Scanner

Made for great convenience with inventory and item management, the Voyager 1250g has an aggressive scanning feature that allows it to read larger bar codes up to 23 inches away. Although ergonomic, the scanner itself is quite powerful- the single-line laser can read poorly printed and damaged barcodes while also reaching items that may be out of reach and/or at the bottom of carts and shelves. The scanner comes out of the box for plug and play with self-configuration. Hands-free scanning feature is available.

Part#: MSS-1250g
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