Stand-Alone Barcode Printer

Stand-Alone Barcode Printer
Basic Inventory Kit

Print Barcodes without a Computer
This stand-alone barcode printer system operates without a computer. Using just a keyboard and printer, this combination allows you to print barcode labels with barcodes and text. The system can also include a scanner (optional) so you can scan barcodes to reprint one or more labels as needed.

Part#: SAPS-902

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Additional Information

This convenient Stand-Alone Barcode Printer System does not need a computer. Just connect the keyboard to the printer, and you're ready to print complete barcode labels. The System can include a scanner (optional) so you can scan a barcode to reprint one or more labels. Just scan in the barcode you want to copy, and type in the quantity you need. 

We have some standard off-the-shelf barcode label designs, but if you need something special, just tell us what you want to see on the label and we'll design it for a small fee. When you get the complete setup, then all you do is type in the variable information and print.


  • Barcode label printer
  • Optional Barcode scanner
  • Full A/N Keyboard
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