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MSS Inventory Tracker System

MSS Inventory Tracker System
Basic Inventory Kit

A Real-Time WiFi Inventory Solution

MSS Software's Inventory Tracker is a WiFi based barcode inventory management solution. This system keeps track of your fluctuating inventory as new items are added, shipped or received. Inventory Tracker makes use of 2.4GHz WiFi and simple barcode mobile devices to adjust inventory as you add, receive and ship items or do a total inventory. These inventory adjustments are made in real time using these scanning devices.


Part#: ITK-108

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Price: $995.00

Additional Information

Hassle-free Inventory Management
This barcode inventory system offers the advantage of a very simple installation on a PC and the use of one or more barcode readers to update and maintain the inventory. Using mobile barcode devices to capture barcodes and data automates the process and lets you focus on the real issues of inventory management. Data is kept in a simple Access Database and can be exported.

Simple to Use
Using Inventory Tracker is easy. It requires only two fields to maintain an inventory; item code and quantity or you can have multiple fields such as SKU, description, style, UM, etc. 

Import and Export Data

With Inventory Tracker you can import your current inventory using Access (.mdb) or Text. Your inventory data can easily be exported for use with other database or reporting tools.

Mobile Barcode Tracking
Keeping daily inventory is simple using one or more barcode mobile devices to scan the item barcodes and enter quantities. The barcode readers work in a 2.4GHz wireless environment. They have to be connected to the database in order to capture the transactions and lookup information. You can also use this for shipping, receiving or to conduct an audit which will automatically update the database thus maintaining an accurate inventory of your stock.

  • Simple day to day inventory management system
  • 2.4GHz WiFi system and Access database
  • Real-Time Data Transfers
  • Cycle counts and Audit at anytime
  • Inventory for Receiving, Shipping, etc.
  • Import or Export inventory using Text or Access
  • Uses simple barcode mobile devices to capture every transaction


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