Check-In Check-Out Kit
Check-In Check-Out Kit

Check-In People or Equipment
The Check In Check Out Kit is an attendance tracking application designed to monitor people in and out of locations, buildings, secure areas, etc. by simply scanning their barcoded badge using a mobile barcode reader. Displays people missing as well as checked in. Great for tracking employees, students, tour group, etc.

Part#: IOK-251

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Mobile Barcode Scanning
By scanning the badges of the people, each individual is recorded along with the date/time of the transaction in the barcode reader. All individuals are displayed in this window until they are scanned again. The reader knows who has not completed this whole check in and out procedure. This data can also be printed to a file or receipt printer.

Tracking People
In and Out scanning is important in cases where you have a large number of individuals to keep track of and you need to know if anyone is missing or has not been checked off the list. If they are not scanned again then this would show up as an alert of concern. In other cases, you may just be keeping track of the ins and outs of individuals much like a time clock for employees who check in check out of work, lunch or time-based instruction.

In cases of emergencies, it allows admin to "know", at any particular point in time, "who" is "IN" the facility or area. This attendance information can be viewed quickly on the portable barcode reader or can be printed out with an attached receipt printer.
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Export Transaction Files

Check In/Out allows you to collect a complete list of all transactions showing badge number, name, and date and time of the transaction and to download this for import into Excel or other database programs. This feature allows you to create your own reports showing who attended and when and for how long.


  • Able to lookup badge numbers and names for security purposes.
  • Capable of allowing only pre-qualified individuals "IN"
  • Scan In, Scan Out or Automatic Mode detects if they have been scanned before.
  • Display or print out a list of badges that have not checked out yet.
  • Export a complete list of all attendee transactions to your PC.
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