Certification Tracking

Certification Tracking
Basic Inventory Kit

Verify Time Attendees are in Training
Quickly scan attendee badges, collect in and out times of sessions attended to generate reports and certify total time in attendance. Keep your attendees, employees, or students in compliance!

Part#: CTK-301

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Certify Time in Training (CES)
Certification Tracker consists of a barcode reader that is used to scan the attendees' badges as they come in and out of a session or class. By scanning a person's barcode on the badge, you capture the badge number, the date and time, and whether the individual is checking in or out of the class. Certification Tracker then allows you to create reports that verify the total amount of time the attendee was present for the class or seminar. You can set up the parameters beforehand to give you the reports you need. The desktop application allows you to import data on your sessions (session #, title, start and end times) and attendees (badge # and name). Using the software, you can process all the data from the barcode readers and create individual reports based on the attendees' check in/check out activities. On-site support is available for this product.


The complete package, which includes one barcode reader and all required software, is available for $2,495. If more scanners are needed, they can be purchased for $495 each or rented for $100 each per week. Also, barcode badge design and print software is available and works with any Windows-based printer. WaspLabeler allows you to print from a database or spreadsheet as well. 

Scanning Badge


  • Certify attendees for Continuing Education Course (CES)
  • Produce certification reports
  • Scan badges to clock attendees in and out
  • Track Credits
  • Track employee training and class attendance.
  • Keep your employees in compliance.

Here is an example of a Attendee Summary Report:


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