Bus Attendance Tracking
Bus Attendance Tracking

Account for All Students onto Bus using Barcodes

Scan and Verify Students to Correct Bus
This attendance tracking application will make sure that all students are on the correct bus and that all students are accounted for. If student is on the incorrect bus then the barcode reader will notify you of this and indicate the correct bus assigned for that student. This simple barcode application is great for ensuring that no one is missing from their assigned bus.

Part#: BAT-101

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This Bus Attendance Tracking solution uses a barcode scanner to scan and collect students’ attendance information on buses. It allows you to scan the student's ID to make sure that the bus the student is boarding is the correct bus and if not then tells the person which bus they are assigned to.  This allows you to verify 100% that all students are on the correct bus.


  • Scan and Verify Student is on Correct Bus
  • Notify if Student is not on Correct Bus
  • Notify of Missing Students
  • Report of Scans (Student Name, Bus, Date/Time, etc.)

How it Works
The barcode reader allows you to load it with a data table of the Student ID's and Names so that this info can be displayed once the badge barcode id is scanned. If a student's ID is scanned and that student is not in the lookup table or that student is on the incorrect bus, the barcode reader will indicate a warning by both sound and visually that something is incorrect. If a student is scanned and the student belongs on the bus, they will be accepted into the system; otherwise, the barcode reader will display the student’s actual assigned bus and won’t accept their scan into the system, along with a warning beep.

You can also check the list at any time on the barcode scanner to see if you are missing students. The system allows you to check by bus to see which students are missing.

All correct scans are captured by the barcode reader along with the date and time of the scan. This can be downloaded to the PC, and opened with Microsoft Excel or imported into other programs for reporting purposes. This includes a student name, assigned bus information, as well as time and date of the scan.


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