Kitting Scanner
Kitting Scanner

Verify Kit Parts
Do you need to verify that each kit contains only so many parts?  Want to scan each part before it goes in the bag?  Want only the correct count in the each kit?  Kitting Scanner is the way to go.  Just scan each part as it goes in the kit and when you reach the target count, you'll see it on the screen.  Click to reset and start the process over again for the next bag or box.


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Verify Counts
The Kitting Scanner is a self contained barcode scanner which operates remotely using a very powerful battery. The Kitting Scanner allows you to set the barcode and count so that every time you scan a barcode on a part, it is added to the running total. When you reach the target total, you are warned if you try to go over.

The Kitting Scanner is very affordable. We have many options to choose from and whether you are scanning 1D or 2D codes, the Kitting Scanner can accommodate. You can even set up the Kitting Scanner to read only certain barcode symbologies so the scan verifies the type of barcode as well.

The Kitting Scanner is fully configurable for collecting and transferring the data at the end of the process to provide you with all the records that you scanned and when.


  • Collect correct counts
  • Verify barcode symbology readability
  • Portable and rugged
  • Reads 1D barcodes (2D available as well)
  • Adds up batches showing total quantity for all
Screenshot verify kit parts
Sample Kit Scan Screen


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