ScanCount Pro Data Collection Program
ScanCount Pro Data Collection Program

Data Collection for WinMobile Devices
Collect up to six fields of data quickly and automatically for use in inventory and accounting programs using ScanCount Pro (SCPro). This data collection kit is simple to use with a Windows Mobile (Win CE) device and is highly configurable. SCPro comes complete with software, a Win CE barcode reader and an optional printer. You can also print labels or receipts using an optional barcode or receipt printer through Bluetooth or cabled connections.

Part#: SCP-101

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SCPro is Adaptable
SCPro makes data collection jobs a snap because of its flexible and configurable program. It allows you to collect data quickly and efficiently on Windows Mobile (Win CE) devices. You can start with a simple program to collect fields like Location, Barcode and Quantity or add more fields and change the names and order of the prompts. Other features allow you to decide if you want the user to view the data or have the ability to delete a record that has been collected before uploading to your PC.

Print, Label and Scan Items on the Move
SCPro is a truly portable printing and inventory solution that allows you freedom of movement while collecting and printing barcode labels. SCPro mobile printing features allow you to label items like bin locations, parts, sale items and equipment using a serial or Bluetooth portable printer. You can also customize the format you want by loading printer templates for the label you need.


  • Customize prompts and fields
  • Change the order of the prompts
  • Use lookup tables to verify or fill in other fields
  • Collect data in tab, space or comma delimited format
  • Allow or deny data deletions
  • Print barcodes and receipts to Bluetooth or Serial printer

SCPro allows you to collect one to six fields of data and a date/time stamp, reduce data entry time by automating entry of repetitive fields, add lookup tables to verify or lookup data, load templates for various printing formats and view the data as you work or delete a record directly from the barcode reader.

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