Scan Compare Application
Scan Compare Application

Scan-Compare Application
Scan-Compare allows you to verify that you have "Matching" barcodes. You simply scan one barcode then scan another to compare and make sure they match. It's a simple process that uses a small barcode reader to scan. The 1st barcode is scanned, then the 2nd barcode is scanned. If there is a match then you will get a "Match" response, with both visual and audio feedback. If they don't match, you will get a "No Match" visual and audio signal. Use it for Quality Control, Orders, Packing, Shipping and Pharma Meds Verification. Scan-Compare is available for $495.

Part#: SCA-100

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Additional Information

Scan 1st barcode then scan 2nd. Match or No-Match.  Compare two barcodes and make sure they are an exact match. The purpose of Scan-Compare is to compare two barcodes to eliminate any non-matched barcodes. Scan barcodes on purchase orders or work orders and make sure they match the barcodes of the items you are packing and shipping. Great for quality control (QC). Excellent for verifying and matching pharma meds.

 Scan-Compare Process

  1. Scan 1st Barcode
  2. Scan 2nd Barcode
  3. Matching Barcodes will indicate "Match Found"
  4. Non-Matching Barcodes will indicate "No Match"

If you need to match a series of Barcodes then our kitting scanner will allow this. For example, only allowing 50 parts in a bin by inputting the target amount. See more here.


  • Pharmaceutical Meds Verification
  • General QC barcode checks
  • Pick, Pack and Ship


  • Fast and Accurate
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Visual and Audio alerts
  • Scans All Barcode Symbologies


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