Xenon 1900g 1902g

Xenon 1900g 1902g
Basic Inventory Kit

Xenon 1900g & 1902g Handheld Scanner

The Xenon 1900g and 1902g are the best choices for optimized code-scanning. Being in line with the sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, the 1900g and 1902g offer versatility in barcode reading compatibility. These scanners can scan from high density linear images to 2D barcodes found on mobile devices. While the 1900g is wired, the 1902g is wireless with Bluetooth capabilities.

Part#: MSS-1900g MSS-1902g

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Additional Information

The Xenon 1900g and 1902g offer great versatility with compatibility with barcode types. A wide range of barcodes can be read- from high density linear images to 2D barcodes. The custom sensor features an extended depth of field with fast reading and efficient performance to read even poor quality barcodes and images off a mobile device screen.  The convenience of the versatility offered by these scanners allows them to work with a variety of products and software. While the 1900g is wired, the 1902g is wireless with Bluetooth Class 2 v2.1 radio enabling up to 33ft unrestricted movement from the base. For added convenience, there is a paging system to help locate missing scanners.

1900g/1902g Features:

  • Compatible with many barcode types – linear to 2D
  • USB connectivity for 1900g and Wireless/BT for 1902g
  • 50,000 scans per full charge (14 hours)
  • Minimized downtime with fast reading, improved performance
  • Durable and survives 50 drops to concrete from 6 ft
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