What To Know When Renting Barcode Equipment

Do you have a pressing need for barcode equipment? Perhaps you only need a barcode for a short period of time, coinciding with an event or exhibition? If this is the case, then you might not need to actually purchase barcode equipment: renting barcode equipment is likely the solution for you. Barcode rental equipment can be found online, and renting is a great way to get the equipment you need, when you need it, without having to pay full-price for a purchase. If this solution sounds like one that might work for you, read further. This article will highlight some things that you should know when renting barcode equipment.




Situations Where You Would Likely Want To Rent Barcode Equipment


There are several situations where it might make more sense to rent barcode equipment, rather than own. One situation where people often rent barcode equipment is tradeshows. Tradeshow organizers and exhibitors often use badge scanners to track attendance and generate leads. Given that these events typically only last a few days, many organizers choose to rent this equipment, rather than buy. That being said, if you are planning multiple shows a year, purchasing the equipment would likely be more cost-effective.

Similarly, organizers of concerts and festivals often rely on barcode equipment for a number of functions. These functions include scanning tickets, printing tickets if necessary, and even selling merchandise and concessions (many of the more innovative music festivals allow attendees to pay for concessions and merchandise using money that has been pre-loaded onto a badge or wristband). Since these events don’t typically last for more than a couple of days, organizers often choose to rent barcode equipment.


Servicing Options For Your Rental Equipment


Even though you are just renting your barcode equipment, you will likely have access to all of the services that would have been provided to you, had you bought your barcode equipment. In most cases, barcode equipment would still be delivered to your facility, for convenience sake.  You would also have access to all of the accessories that help the barcode equipment perform their necessary functions. These accessories include batteries, battery chargers, cables, and ink and ribbons (if you are renting barcode equipment that has a printing function).

You will also have access to two very important services: technical support and on-site support. If you have ever called a helpline when you have trouble with your computer, you are familiar with the concept of technical support.  Just like your personal computer, barcode equipment runs on very sophisticated hardware and software, and technical support is sometimes needed. Most barcode equipment vendors (the best ones, anyway) will have customer service representatives on standby to troubleshoot any problems that may arise with your rental equipment. The best barcode equipment rental companies will also provide on-site support, which is where an expert comes out to your facility and helps you figure out how you can get the most out of your equipment.  Setting up such a consultation is highly recommended.


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