Tips For Using Barcode Equipment At Tradeshows

Tradeshows and barcode equipment go hand-in-hand. Many of the essential administrative functions that are performed at tradeshows – such as attendance tracking, data collection, and ticket scanning – can be automated using barcode software and equipment. Automating these processes can save time and prevent bottlenecks.  For this reason, the tradeshow scanner has become an essential tool for exhibitors and event planners alike.  If you are considering utilizing barcode equipment for your next tradeshow or expo, there are many factors that you need to consider, and tips that you should be aware of. Below is a helpful guide for making the most out of barcode equipment at your next event.




Know What Your Needs Are


There are many different types of barcode equipment, and the equipment that you will need depends on the functions that you wish to carry out at your tradeshow. For this reason, it is a good idea to sit down and think about the tasks that you would like to automate, before shopping around. This will help you focus and zero in on the products that are right for you. For instance, there are barcode readers and software that are specifically designed for attendance tracking. On the other hand, if there will be any ticketed events at your tradeshow, you will want to invest in ticket scanning equipment. You can also obtain equipment to print tickets, if that is required.


Know That Help Is Available


Barcode software and equipment can run the gamut from the relatively simple to the highly-sophisticated. Again, the type of equipment that you purchase will depend on the scale of your event, as well as the automated functions that you wish to perform. Whatever type of equipment you purchase from your vendor, you should rest assured that help will be available to you. Barcode equipment vendors often provide customer service and technical support, so that any issues that arise with your software and equipment can be quickly and easily resolved.

Taking that concept one step further, some vendors even offer on-site support. On-site support involves more than just troubleshooting and repairing issues: it involves a technician who works directly with you and your event staff to ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology.  Such services might include helping you download leads and emails for exhibitors, badge printing, generation of attendance reports, conference tracking assistance, as well as data collection and scanner maintenance. Take advantage of these services: using this support effectively will help take your event to the next level.


Renting Is An Option Too


Many people don’t realize this, but you actually have the option of renting barcode equipment as well. This is a great option, if you only need barcode equipment in the short-term. In most cases, the customer service and technical support that is available to you when you purchase equipment will be available when you rent as well. You will likely also have access to the accessories that come with barcode equipment, such as batteries, chargers, docks, and download cables.

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