Thousands of Barcode Readers for Rent

These are just some of the barcode reader models MSS Software offers for rent.  Give us a call to find out about other barcode equipment we offer or to learn more about our rental program.


CK3 Barcode Reader Rental
The Intermec CK3 Mobile Computer is an excellent barcode reader that offers a wide range of options.
Another advantage is that the CK3 Mobile Computer is available with terminal emulation software. In addition, the CK3 uses the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5, and Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) certification, allowing an effortless interface with Cisco wireless networks. These features also provide a robust architecture that allows the CK3 to run enterprise-level applications.


CK 30/31 Mobile Computer Rental
The Intermec CK30/31 handheld computers offer rugged, reliable computing and high throughput using the WinCE operating system. These units have full alphanumeric keypads and lots of memory and power. With mono or color screens, they are available for use in batch and 802.11b/g environments.


  CipherLab Mobile Computer Rental
Improve your productivity with the CipherLab 8400. The 8400 allows you to accelerate data management, by making it easy to view information, quickly enter data and communicate wirelessly to peripherals and servers. This mobile device supports many powerful mobile applications with fast and easy data access. The device uses a combination of functionality, values and features in a rugged form. This reader is ideal for inspections, time and attandence and inventory.


CS40 Barcode Reader Rental
The CS40 Mobile Computer with WinMobile 6.5 is ultra light and easy to use. It combines ruggedness with high performance 1D/2D scanning. It also provides quick and reliable data connectivity for uploading large amounts of data. The CS40 is the smallest and most rugged Intermec mobile computer available. The CS40 is great for inventory control, attendance tracking, ticket checking, light deliveries and stock management applications. It has three mega-pixel color camera including flash for taking photos, making notes and relaying data for verification. It also has a WAN radio (AT&T or T-Mobile) to be used with SIM card.


  Psion Neo Barcode Reader Rental
The Psion Neo WinCE is a small handheld Windows-based barcode reader that has a bright, high-resolution color display that tilts towards the reader. It offers rugged, reliable and productive data collection. It integrates with advanced data collection and communication functions, as well as supports many different applications. You can use this reader in retail, postal and courier, warehouse and distribution, arenas and venues and supply chain.


  CN3 Pen-Based Barcode Reader Rental
This pen-based mobile computer is a compact, rugged and reliable mobile data collection terminal for field and industrial applications. The CN3 has a powerful 2D imager. This barcode reader combines the versatility of the WinMobile 5.0 Operating System, the intel XScale processor and 802.11b/g radio with Bluetooth.


  QL320/420 Portable Printer Rental
The zebra portable printer is great for 3" - 4" wide mobile printing. Enhanced to handle complex formats and fonts fast and keep wireless data safe. These printers are user friendly, flexible and rugged. Rent as a stand-alone unit or in combination with a barcode reader.