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Student Attendance Tracker 
Title2Barcode Reader Attendance Tracking Solution 
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This Student Attendance Tracker Barcode Reader collects students attendance information, including:


Check mark Student Number
Check mark Student Name
Check mark Date and Time of Scan


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Student Attendance Tracker 
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  • A barcode reader for scanning on the move.
  • Software that allows data output reports on student attendance.
  • Ability to load a look up file of students' names and numbers for on screen recognition of student's validity.







The barcode reader allows you to load a lookup table of student ID's and Name so that the name can be displayed once the barcode of the badge is scanned. If a student's ID gets scanned that is not on the lookup table, then the barcode reader will sound a warning and also show you a visual warning.

The scans that are captured by the barcode reader along with the date and time of the scan, can be downloaded to the PC, and opened with Microsoft Excel or imported into other programs. See below for sample output.


Figure1. Typical output in Excel from the Student Attendance Tracker 


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